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Emergency Self-Rescue Course (2 days)

This 2-day course's primary purpose is to prepare you to cope with an emergency situation involving an injured climbing partner. This course is taught entirely outdoors. The techniques taught in this course utilize a standard rack of gear to prepare you to rescue your partner while leading or seconding. Obtain the basic skills all responsible climbers should possess. Our indoor climbing facility insures this class can be taught rain or shine!

Course 1 person 2 person 3 person
Self Rescue 2 Day $350 $300 each By Your Request Only - $250 each *
Self Rescue 3 Day $450 $400 each By Your Request Only- $325 **

* Any 3 Person 2 Day class can start any weekday except Friday

** Any 3 Person 3 Day class must start either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

All other weekday courses start on Tuesdays

Cancellation Policy

Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides was the original school to offer Self-Rescue courses at Seneca Rocks.

Course Overview

Day 1: Begins at 8.30am. We will spend the day outside on the rock, discussing, demonstrating and practicing real scenarios. The three main skills all multi-pitch climbers need are--the ability to escape the belay, lower your partner, raise your partner and potentially counter-balance rappel with your partner. We'll show you how to do these procedures hanging on the side of the rock. We usually return to town around 5-6pm.

Day 2: Head back out at 8.30am. Spend the day outside on the rock refining and polishing the skills you learned earlier. Head back to town around 5pm.

What Others Are Saying

Thank you again for a great weekend! I can’t express how valuable it was for me to go- in so many levels! (Kelly is a bad ass!) Hopefully I will see you all soon again. Please tell Kelly, Brandon, Matt, Matty and Gina I send many thanks for their openness and friendliness, they are all really good people. I left my card with my personal email address at your office so I can stay plugged in just in case something fun is happening. I miss it all already and I can’t wait to go back and climb some more.
Nancy Corado

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