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Take Your Family to the Top

Better than the Mall

There are few experiences as memorable as standing on the summit of Seneca Rocks with your family. To get to share this adventure with your son or daughter (or grandson or granddaughter!) can be a life changing event. We have been guiding Moms, Dads, Granddads and Grandmoms and their kids to the top of Seneca Rocks for over 25 years, so we decided to create an economical, one of a kind experience just for you. This two-day adventure includes camping and is thoughtfully designed to ease you and your family into outdoor climbing.To try and make it affordable for families we have discounted the Trad Fundamentals course $95 per person. 3 person minimum.

On the first morning, after discussing your clans particular needs and experience level we will either start climbing inside on our one of a kind Trad climbing Walls or more likely we will head for the rock.The entire adventure will be customized based on your goals and previous climbing experience. No climbing experience? That's fine, we will teach you everything you need to know and we will provide all the gear. This is also a great way (as a family) to make the transition from indoor gym climbing to outdoor climbing.

The difference between a Group Top-Rope Day and the 2 Day Family Adventure:

The $250 per person Family Adventure rate is for two days, includes 1 full day (8hr's) of top-roping and short multi-pitch routes where you learn 'Seconding" skills and multi-pitch techniques. On the second day we make an attempt to climb to the summit of Seneca Rocks or do more multi-pitch climbing, depending on what is appropriate for your family.

The standard Group day is 6-8 hr's of top-roping, everyone learns to climb, belay and rappel.

Compare SRMG to anyone and you will find we remain the best value in guiding/instruction in the US.

Call us anytime to discuss your families rock climbing adventure at Seneca Rocks. Call #304-567-2115 or email

Course Per Person Min/Max
Family Climbing Adventure 2 Days $250 per person 4 person minimum

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