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Scout 2 day Trad Fundamentals - Group Course

Get Out and Climb!

9 Scout minimum .

Climbing as a team and reaching the summit of Seneca Rocks is a premiere Scouting 'Mountain Top' experience.
We have had many guides that are Eagle Scouts. This course is discounted to provide a more economical introduction to outdoor rock climbing for non-profits like Scouting organizations. We will meet at 8.30am on day one and spend the day training for our summit attempt. Once the team is prepared, your Scouts, working together, will climb to the top of Seneca Rocks! We will follow the same ratios ( 3 to 1) and curriculum as we do in our standard two day Trad Fundamentals class and provide all the gear each Scout needs. Merit badge requirements are easily achieved during this two day adventure and don’t forget we have an indoor Trad Climbing Center which makes our course and your trip a rainproof adventure. SRMG always follows the guidelines in the current 'Guide to Safe Scouting'. We'll be glad to help you prepare and reserve campsites in the area. Please call for more info or Scoutmaster references.

Course Per Person Min/Max
Scout Trad Fundamentals 2 Day $250 9 Scout minimum - 30 max*

Cancellation Policy

All you need to bring is food and water for the day.

We start at 7.30am and the day ends around 4pm

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