Learn to LeaD

Stepping out on The Sharp End

Learning to lead can be one of the most intimidating steps in the evolution of a rock climber. Just like with our other courses, we believe that hands on experience and working with a mentor are the best ways to learn these skills.


Our Learn to Lead course is designed for climbers with previous climbing experience that are interested in stepping out on the 'sharp end' of the rope. With decades of experience teaching the intricacies of traditional lead climbing, we're positive that the combination of our experienced guides and the world-class teaching environment of Seneca Rocks creates the most valuable lead course you'll find anywhere.

Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides 

62 Allegheny Drive

Seneca Rocks, WV 26884

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Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides is an equal opportunity provider and employer, and is a permittee of the Monongahela National Forest.