Ready to next-level your climbing experiences? Our signature road trips are complete weekend climbing trips—you'll learn new skills, meet partners, and enjoy the satisfaction of leaving the city behind to immerse yourself in the area's most beautiful locations. Led by guides with unique local knowledge as well as technical expertise, you'll find new crags to call home.

Road Trip: Coopers Rock, wv

$350 per person | Full weekend

coopers rock, wv | Top rope belay experience recommended

A full weekend of technical instruction, movement clinics, and plenty of climbing time on the unique American gritstone of Coopers Rock State Forest, West Virginia. Overlooking the beautiful Cheat River Valley, Coopers Rock is a hidden gem with hundreds of boulder problems and routes on highly featured, coarse sandstone. Hone your skills, camp on-site or stay in nearby Morgantown, and enjoy an immersive climbing trip to one of our favorite area crags.

This weekend-long event combines our Top Rope Anchors and Intermediate Rock Climbing classes into two full days of experiential learning and engagement with the rock—you’ll learn to build a variety of solid anchors, then put them to the test by climbing on them during movement and climbing technique clinics. You’ll learn:


  • Fundamental principles and current best practices for solid, redundant top rope anchors

  • Anchor gear selection and use

  • Intermediate to advanced top rope anchor setups (optional) 

  • ​Movement techniques unique to climbing outdoors, including basic crack climbing techniques; how to stand, smear, and smedge confidently on small and slippery feet; and weight shifting, balance, and body tension for efficient movement on poor holds

  • How to read the rock, identify holds, and sequence your climbs

  • Crag etiquette and outdoor ethics

Please note the fee includes instruction only; we recommend reserving a campsite in the Coopers Rock State Forest or staying in Morgantown if you prefer not to camp.


April 10-11 | June 5-6 | October 16-17

NEW! Road Trip: backcountry trad at annapolis rock, md

$350 per person | Full weekend

annapolis rock, md | Top rope belay experience recommended

A proper trad climbing weekend! Backpack in along the Appalachian Trail to local beauty spot Annapolis Rock and spend two full days learning and practicing multi-pitch and trad climbing skills on steep, tall white quartzite cliffs—some of the best climbing within an hour of DC. We'll camp overnight within sight of the crags and enjoy dinner and breakfast overlooking Maryland's best sunset vista in a truly immersive backcountry experience. 

This weekend trip combines our Multi-Pitch Fundamentals and Intro to Trad classes into two very full days—by the end of the trip you'll have a solid foundation of knowledge and practice to continue building on for traditional multi-pitch climbing. You’ll learn:


  • Advanced belay skills

  • Multi-pitch systems including rope management, belay transitions, and complex rappels

  • Essential gear knowledge and cleaning skills

  • To place, assess, and test both passive (nuts and hexes) and active (cams) protection

  • To build bomber multi-point anchors in unique situations using natural protection and gear

  • Hands-on practice placing gear while climbing with instructor feedback

  • Principles and concepts of safe, successful trad lead climbing

This trip includes a short but strenuous (2 mile) guided hike carrying your own camping gear into the backcountry. 


July 24-25


$350 per person | full weekend
nelson rocks, wv |  Top rope climbing and belay experience required; indoor sport lead and lead belay experience recommended


Learn to sport lead climb safely outside and you'll be able to access thousands of crags and climbs around the world. Spend a full weekend immersed in the technical skills, climbing techniques, and outdoor climbing know-how you need need to lead climb and lead belay safely anywhere you go.

This class is an SRMG exclusive, offered for the first time at a private sport crag designed for the effective instruction of hard-to-teach techniques—it's a unique chance to learn essential skills in an environment that has all the nuanced challenges of real sport routes in a comfortable, focused setting. Lodging and activities for non-climbers are available on-site at Nelson Rocks; contact us or check out their website for more details. You’ll learn:

  • The mechanics of lead climbing and belaying outdoors, including hanging draws, clipping, and taking and catching falls; 

  • Essential technical skills for outdoor sport climbing, including cleaning anchors, using a stick clip, and more;

  • Techniques for smooth, confident movement on outdoor sport routes, from route-reading and sequencing to climbing and resting techniques unique to real rock;

  • Crag etiquette, site safety, and management of the different objective hazards of outdoor vs indoor lead climbing.

There is no strict climbing ability limit for this class, but we suggest being able to toprope 5.8 outside to get the most out of the day. Some indoor lead experience is recommended but not required. Private camping at Nelson Rocks and group dinner/breakfast at SRMG base camp in Seneca Rocks is included.


April 17-18 | June 26-27 | August 21-22 | October 9-10


$350 per person | Full weekend


All roads lead to Seneca Rocks—the tallest peak on the East Coast only accessible through technical climbing. Unique fins of Tuscarora quartzite tower over a confluence of two rivers, offering spectacular multi-pitch climbing and breathtaking exposure that have called to climbers from all over the world since the 1940s. You'll have the opportunity to build skills with a custom curriculum, or simply enjoy being expertly led up classic routes by the most experienced guides in the North Fork Valley. Get ready to stand on the summit of Seneca Rocks! This camping and climbing trip is open to all skill levels and includes:​

  • Camping at SRMG's private creekside campground with full outdoor kitchen and amenities

  • Dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning

  • Two days of guided climbing


April 17-18 | June 26-27 | August 21-22 | October 9-10