Rescue Skills for Climbers

Consider these scenarios:

You've just completed a long rappel although you're still 100 feet of the ground, and after repeated attempts to pull your ropes, you realize that they're stuck. Or, you're lowering your partner from a climb and rockfall cuts the rope that's stacked beside you, just below your belay device.  Or, your parter is leading, takes a bad fall, and is dangling unconscious almost a rope's length off the ground.

Do you truly have the skills to manage these all too common situations?

Let's face it, climbing is dangerous. Unfortunately, most climbers at the crag don't have the skills to effectively execute a rescue. Self-Rescue is a course designed for climbers with a bit of experience that want to be confident and competent if they, their partner, or a nearby climber gets into trouble. All of the techniques taught in the course can be accomplished with the tools and equipment that trad climbers carry with them, or can find, at the crag.