Emergency Self-Rescue Course Information

(Rock Responder and Rock Responder Pro)

Typical 3 -Day Class

Day One: (Rock Responder)

The first day of the Rock Responder Emergency Self-Rescue course begins by meeting your instructor at SRMG at 8:30 a.m. After completing the necessary paperwork and checking out any needed equipment, your course will begin with a discussion about your climbing and self-rescue experience and goals. After defining a plan for the day, you and your instructor will make a short hike to the crag to start training. The first day of this course typically involves introducing, or reviewing, the backup systems utilized for the three major components of multi-pitch climbing; belaying, climbing, and rappelling. Basic backup systems involving improvised belay and rappel devices, and rope ascension techniques using standard climbing gear will be introduced, reviewed, and practiced in a real world setting. During inclement weather, the course will be held in our indoor Trad Training Center, introducing and practicing the same techniques. If time allows, you'll begin to progress into more advanced technical skills.


After a review of the day and planning for Day Two, the course will end on the SRMG deck at approximately 5 p.m.

Day Two: (Rock Responder)

Day Two of the Rock Responder course begins at 8:30 a.m. on the SRMG deck. After a review of the day's plan with your instructor, you'll head to the rocks, or the indoor Trad Training Center during inclement weather. This day focuses more heavily on more advanced technical skills, including but not limited to: rescue knots and hitches, releasable systems, ascension techniques, mechanical advantage systems, hauling and raising techniques, single and multi-pitch rescue rappels, and rescue scenarios in real-word situations. As many of these concepts as possible will be introduced and practiced as time and your personal skill level allows.


By 5 p.m. the day will end after a debrief of the information covered and, if you've signed up for the 3-day Rock Responder Pro course, a planning session for the following day.



Day Three: (Rock Responder Pro)

While the first two days of the Rock Responder course are designed for traditional climbers and their partners, the third day is specific to professional guides and group leaders. Rock Responder Pro picks up where the Rock Responder Course leaves off.  This third day introduces vertical rock rescue anchors, litter preparation, and use of an improvised 'Spider' to attach litter in vertical rescue situations. Rock Responder Pro is designed for professional guides and instructors or anyone wishing to learn the proven techniques used at Seneca Rocks. These are the skills that all responsible climbers should possess and should be considered basic knowledge for anyone guiding, leading or instructing others on rock.


After learning the basic techniques, the day will be spent simulating rescues in real world situations involving team litter lowers of an injured climber utilizing the equipment from a standard climbing rack.


The course ends at 5 p.m. of the third day on the SRMG deck.