College and University Programs

Student Managed Outing Clubs

Many outing clubs spend a day or two of top rope climbing and rappelling with us solely to experience a day on the rocks and enjoy its benefits. Private guiding and training programs are also available for student leaders and aspiring instructors. Standard rates apply, please call or email for information or registration.



University Outdoor Adventure Programs

We've worked with many college and university Outdoor Adventure programs administered by the Office Student Life or similar non-academic departments. Contact us to discuss your goals, whether it's a day of top roping for your group, training for leaders, or a summit climb for the team of student leaders. Standard rates apply, please call or email for information or registration.



Academic Instruction

College and university Physical Education, Recreation Management, Adventure Sports Management, Outdoor Leadership and similar departments can benefit from our extensive experience teaching academic, skills based courses. Courses typically range from 1-3 credits, based on the needs and requirements of the program. The focus of the program can vary from introductory climbing courses, to long-term, multi-course guide and instructor training programs. Contact us today to arrange courses. Special pricing applies.


Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides 

62 Allegheny Drive

Seneca Rocks, WV 26884

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Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides is an equal opportunity provider and employer, and is a permittee of the Monongahela National Forest.