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top rope climbing & belay experience REQUIRED




$135 per person+tax | FULL DAY


Turn your indoor climbing skills into smooth, confident movement on real rock. With a focus on subtler footwork, balance, and the nuances of finding and using rock holds and features, you’ll refine your climbing technique and technical skills for deeper engagement with every route and a strong foundation for all future climbing objectives. This next-step technique and movement class will have you climbing stronger both indoors and out!


  You’ll learn:

  • New climbing techniques unique to climbing outdoors, including basic crack climbing techniques

  • How to stand, smear, and smedge confidently on small and slippery feet

  • Weight shifting, balance, and body tension for efficient movement on poor holds

  • How to read the rock, identify holds, and sequence your climbs

  • Crag etiquette and management of the different objective hazards of outdoor climbing

You will also receive 2 for 1 on ANY 2 DAY Guided Climbing on your next weekday          (MON-THUR) visit to Seneca Rocks!

GOt a Question? Give us a CalL or send us an email!

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