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Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides
Celebrating 33 years as the Premier Guide         Service at Seneca Rocks!
for Seneca Rocks info calL: 304-567-2115
for DC Area info calL: 406-201-9714

about us

Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides  provides high quality guided rock climbing and instruction at Seneca Rocks, West Virginia and a variety of other locations.



Our guides are among the most experienced and highly trained rock climbing guides found anywhere!


Find information regarding rates for Private Guiding and Instruction, as well as our refund/cancellation policy.

Private Guiding

Private Guiding is available seven days per week from April 1st through October 31st.

School of Rockcraft

Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides, the ultimate School of Rockcraft providing the highest quality instruction available

in the industry.


From Scouts, to universities, to families and friends, SRMG provides group climbing and rappelling options tailored to meet the needs of your group.


What to bring, how to find us, and where to stay while you're at 

Seneca Rocks.


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